Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership is a forward-thinking boutique law practice and consultancy, with a mastery across the spectrum of intellectual property & competition law. The firm also focuses on commercial law, information technology, public procurement, agency / distribution projects and white-collar crime.

Our firm stands apart from the competition for its clear focus, deep knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit in the pursuit of its clients’ goals.

We build teams to tailor the projects we undertake, and clients tell of our agility, bold mentality and responsiveness, which, coupled with our legal specialism, make us their go-to firm in Greece and key legal partner in their wider business initiatives globally.

We work as an all-around consultancy, reaching out to our network of diverse professional services providers to address client needs, whether in a complex multi-faceted commercial project or in out-of-the-box litigation.

Dynamic, forward-thinking boutique Prentoulis Gerakini knows what it takes to create and, most importantly, maintain a strong brand.
Its practitioners focus not only on the legal details, but the wider commercial picture too, and deploy everything in their IP toolkit to ensure that clients enjoy long-lasting protection and can avail of lucrative commercialisation opportunities.

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World Trademark Review 1000, 2021

Co-founders Nikos Prentoulis and Nancy Gerakini run a tight ship and keep the practice firmly on course. Prentoulis has impressive commercial acumen and a commanding courtroom presence; while Gerakini’s legal and regulatory background is a great asset for those seeking wraparound solutions that encompass IP, competition and corporate law

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IAM Patent 1000, 2021

Prentoulis Gerakini authors the Greek Chapter of ICLG Competition Litigation 2023


Nancy Gerakini and Elpida Kazantzidou shed light on Greek competition litigation law & practice and cover all key aspects of litigating competition cases in Greece before the Courts.

Nancy Gerakini, Partner and Head of our EU & Competition Practice, and Elpida Kazantzidou, Associate, co-authored the Greek Chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide Competition Litigation 2023.

Their contribution covers issues such as the legal bases for initiating competition litigation proceedings in Greece, division of competence between the Courts, final remedies, including the issue of quantification of damages, interim relief requirements and remedies. More particular topics on evidence, the “passing on” defence and the involvement of the  Hellenic Competition Commission in private competition litigation are also examined.

You can access the Greek Chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide - Competition Litigation 2023 here.  

If you wish to learn more you can contact Nancy at

Nikos Prentoulis recognized as a WTR Global Leader 2022


and answered questions on his career in IP, relationship with clients and current IP developments

A cool recognition of our work in Prentoulis Gerakini. Nikos Prentoulis was recognized as a WTR Global Leader 2022 and answered questions on his career in IP, relationship with clients and current IP developments.

Nikos speaks of how curiosity led him to IP during his postgraduate studies in EU law and offered an alternative to a human rights law career, his passion at the time.

He also shares his top 3 “tips” on for building long-lasting client relationships:

  • responsiveness, which should not be mistaken for speed
  • see and be seen, which means physically meeting with the client, where possible, and
  • adjusting to the client’s (sometimes evolving) risk tolerance level.

Finally, Nikos has a word of advice for brand owners who want to stay clear of “greenwashing” trouble. “Honesty is the best policy. If a brand has no tangible proof or record of environmental sustainability processes or results, they should simply avoid any statement that could be misleading”.

You can visit the link here for information and the full interview with Nikos.