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The creative, modern and outward-looking boutique Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership is a formidable force in Greek intellectual property, taking the fight to counterfeiters and putting in outstanding courtroom performances for giants of the automotive and tobacco industries. It’s extremely visible and has a top reputation.

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what we do in |ip|

Our services encompass the full lifecycle of intellectual property assets, from inception to development, registration and enforcement.

We provide strategic advice on if, when & where to register and litigate over intellectual property assets.

We give bold, yet realistic, guidance tailored to our clients’ aspirations, plans and budget.

No project is too small or too large. We deploy teams, and even bring in talent from our professional network, depending on the project’s size and depth.

We will regularly design litigation strategies, carve out enforcement schemes and intellectual property assets registration campaigns across jurisdictions.

We will litigate to enforce clients’ rights in patents, designs, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets and we work closely with law enforcement and Customs to clear the market of counterfeits.

|IT, media & privacy|

Privacy has become core to the design and implementation of business operations. Our team advises clients on the full spectrum of personal data processing matters and has implemented several GDRP-compliance projects.

We also advise and litigate on the protection and enforcement of privacy rights against websites and search engines.

Our firm assists private and corporate clients in repute management and defamation matters, including in civil and criminal proceedings.

Finally, we work on diverse information technology law issues, ranging from tech-driven transactional matters to ICT disputes.

|training & knowledge management|

We monitor legal and market developments in all our areas of key expertise, and are also alert to changes that can impact our clients’ operations.

But we will share and disseminate the knowledge and insights we gain.

We regularly organize “first response” seminars for clients and peers, in order to update them on significant developments.

We also build specific protocols and tools for clients’ use in a particular business sector or project.

our latest work in |ip|

We assisted a global tobacco goods manufacturer in successfully defending against a preliminary injunction relating to its innovative heat not burn tobacco goods by a major global competitor.

We assisted a global athletic / fashion goods manufacturer in felony degree criminal action against an organized counterfeiting ring.

We assisted a global car manufacturer in defending its trademark rights against a third-party repairer capitalizing on our client’s trademarks and image.

We assisted a global generics manufacturer with pre-emptive litigation strategy to secure launch of their product in the Greek market. We identified the strengths and weaknesses of the patent rights that would potentially be asserted against our client and prepared fully-blown non-infringement and invalidity defenses prior to launch.

We assisted a global car manufacturer in successful proceedings before the Greek Customs over infringing electric toy cars and achieved quick destruction.

We successfully defended a Greek client’s EUTM for foodstuff and olive oil in opposition proceedings before the EUIPO opposition division and board of appeal against a major multinational competitor.

We successfully defended a Greek client’s ice cream brand in opposition proceedings before the Greek Trademark Office against a multinational confectionery manufacturer in a shape-mark dispute.

head of | ip |

Hailed as a “strategic thinker” and a “star in the contentious sphere” Nikos Prentoulis spearheads the intellectual property and dispute resolution teams of the firm.
His practice, both contentious and non-contentious, spans the whole spectrum of intellectual property and IT law, but regularly extends to white collar crime and commercial litigation.

Nikos Prentoulis
LinkedIn logoprentoulis@npng.gr

Dynamic, forward-thinking boutique Prentoulis Gerakini knows what it takes to create and, most importantly, maintain a strong brand. Its practitioners focus not only on the legal details, but the wider commercial picture too, and deploy everything in their IP toolkit to ensure that clients enjoy long-lasting protection and can avail of lucrative commercialisation opportunities

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